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Posted on: June 10, 2021

Prescott Valley Police Department honors outstanding personnel

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The Prescott Valley Police Department on Friday, June 4, honored its outstanding officers and civilian staff during a banquet at the Findlay Toyota Center. The following recognitions were given during the evening.

 Officer of the Year (Police Meritorious Service Ribbon): Cameron Loughmiller

The Police Meritorious Service Ribbon is designed for the recognition of a sworn officer and is awarded for sustained long term, noteworthy achievement through the calendar year. Officer Cameron Loughmiller, a six-year officer, has served with the patrol division, the department SWAT Team, and most recently the Drug Enforcement Unit.

Over the past year, Officer Loughmiller refined his skills as an officer and took every opportunity to work alongside other officers who were more experienced in illegal drug activity. He has made numerous traffic stops, looking for narcotics, searching for drugs and building information to assist area PANT detectives in their investigations. Officer Loughmiller is also a member of the PVPD SWAT Team.

Recently, the department developed a new Drug enforcement Unit (DEU).  Officer Loughmiller tested and was selected for the position. In 2020, Cameron completed 60 citations, 4 DUIs, responded to 862 calls for service resulting in 53 arrests, and received three commendations.

(Due to the nature of Cameron’s position no photo is available.)

Rookie of the Year: Sabrina Rozendaal

The Rookie of the Year Award is designed for the recognition of a probationary officer.  The award is for sustained, longSabrina Rozendaal and chief web term effort and noteworthy achievement during the officer’s field training and subsequent service.

Officer Sabrina Rozendaal graduated from NARTA Class 48 on May 8, 2020.  During her time at NARTA, Officer Rozendaal was appointed by her classmates to be the class treasurer.  At graduation, she was the number one recruit in the class, winning the Academia Award.  She was the first female in NARTA’s history to win the highest overall Firearms Score Award, and was awarded the Tyler Stewart Honor Recruit Award.  

Officer Rozendaal recently completed her first year of service and was released from probation, now serving her community on third shift.  She has maintained her high standards since.

In 2020, Officer Rozendaal responded to 333 calls for service, has written 77 reports, conducted 12 DUIs, 42 arrests and has received two commendations for her actions.  

Civilian of the Year: Tim Yogerst

The Civilian of the Year award is designed for Department civilian employees who distinguish themselves by performing exceptional service to the Department throughout the year.

Animal Control Supervisor Tim Yogerst started his career with the police department in 2017 as an Animal Control Officer and was promoted to Animal Control Supervisor in 2019.  For most of 2020 animal control was a one-man show. ACO Yogerst did the work of three people, and it shows: 1030 calls, 517 reports, 49 citations, 138 dogs impounded, 199 dogs released to owner, and 26 other animals impounded.

Civilian of Year Tim Yogerst webACO Yogerst makes himself available 24/7 for animals in need. He is proactive, averaging 80 community-based policing activities per month, which consisted of foot patrols at the parks, community education, and many other activities he engaged in with the goal of reducing the need to enforce the law through positive interaction with residents and visitors.

ACO Yogerst has also updated the animal control procedure and field training manual, built relationships with Prescott PD, YCSO, game and fish, and strengthened our relationship with the Yavapai Humane Society.  He implemented a highly successful found dog social media program and helped negotiate a reduction in the department’s Humane Society contract.

Volunteer of the Year: Linda Ables

The Volunteer of the Year award is designed for Department volunteers who volunteer of year webdistinguish themselves by performing exceptional service to the Department throughout the year.

Linda Ables was employed by the Prescott Valley Police Department full time from 1998 to 2009 working as a police dispatcher, records clerk, and investigative technician.

Since retiring, she continued to have a vested interest in the police department and volunteered in the records and criminal investigations divisions as an investigative assistant.  

In 2020, Linda volunteered approximately 360 hours to the Prescott Valley Police Departments' records division, mainly volunteering her time during weekends and evenings inputting reports, citations, and scanning piles and piles of paperwork into the police departments records management system. She also volunteered 508 hours as an investigative assistant to the criminal investigations division, completing 173 separate transcriptions for criminal and administrative investigations.  

Supervisor of the Year: Sgt. Ryan Spriggs

supervisor of the year police star webThe Supervisor of the Year Award is designed for Department sworn or civilian supervisor/sergeant rank who distinguished themselves by performing exceptional service to the Department throughout the year.

Sergeant Ryan Spriggs has been a member of the Prescott Valley Police Department for eight years.  Over the past eight years, Sergeant Spriggs has earned the Rookie of the Year, Police Officer of the Year and now Supervisor of the Year.

As a leader, Sergeant Spriggs consistently puts his squads first and does an outstanding job in keeping them focused and well trained.  He has taken a proactive approach to leading his squad, working with officers in the latest and most current standards areas of advanced investigations in patrol, and taught in the areas not common for patrol officers in many agencies throughout the country.  Within several months, his squad was conducting extensive follow-up, writing search warrants, conducting GPS tracking of wanted subjects and were following all available leads they could handle to investigate and close cases.   

Sergeant Spriggs provides his squad with the resources to complete their numerous responsibilities, helping and mentoring them to complete their duties both effectively and safely. He has shown that he is invested with both the personal and professional growth of those assigned to him.  He is one of the most thorough sergeants in the agency and keeps detailed notes of both achievements and deficiencies of those members of his squad.

Unit of the Year - Traffic Section     

A Section Unit Citation for outstanding performance may be conferred upon an organizational section or unit of the Department.  The commendatory accomplishment must be the result of a combined effort by members of the section/unit.

The Prescott Valley Police Department’s Traffic Section consists of four officers led by Sergeant Shawn Caswell.  Unit of Year Traffic webThe members of this section include Lead Patrol Officer Jacob Lichlyter, Officer Brad Penner, Officer Brandon Frost and Officer Scott Monteith.  These officers enforce speed limits and other traffic laws, investigate traffic accidents, and perform select traffic enforcement details such as commercial vehicle inspections and Driving Under the Influence saturation patrols.  

The Traffic Section’s mission is to create a safe and expedient flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the Town of Prescott Valley through citizen education.  

In 2020, the Traffic Section investigated 287 accidents on our roadways and issued 2695 citations with 1387 written warnings.  They planned and coordinated events such as the Valley of the Lights, 4th of July, Back the Blue, Honoring Our Heroes, the Christmas parade and the Bradshaw Mountain High School graduation.  These team members also participated in youth activities promoting bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The Traffic Section has been highlighted as a model by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for their traffic enforcement efforts.   

Police Star – Sgt. Ryan Spriggs

The Police Star may be awarded to employee/s who distinguish themselves by bravery or heroism above and beyond the normal demands of duty, but to a lesser degree than required for the medal of valor or employees who distinguish themselves by performing in stressful situations with exceptional tactics and/or judgment.

While Sergeant Ryan Spriggs was a detective with the Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking taskforce (PANT), he displayed bravery and heroism during an incident on November 7, 2018, in Cottonwood, Arizona.  At this location, a violent felon with several outstanding warrants was staying.  Detectives had conducted several purchases of illicit drugs from this residence, and information obtained revealed the wanted subject had been actively eluding police and was possible armed and dangerous.  

A search warrant was obtained, and an operation was set to take place where the subject was to be apprehended, and the residence later searched for additional illicit drugs and firearms.  Sergeant Spriggs was assigned to the entry team and was to position his undercover vehicle near the residence, along with additional fully marked YCSO units.  As the operation was unfolding, a suspect in the residence began to fire multiple rounds towards the detectives who were both taking subjects into custody as well as the entry team who were about to begin their approach to the residence.

The detectives immediately took cover behind the wheels of Sergeant Spriggs’ undercover vehicle.  They remained pinned down while the suspect moved from position to position inside of the residence.  Each time he would move positions, he would send another volley of rounds at the detectives.  Unable to return fire because of unknown occupants in the residence and the suspect quickly moving positions, the detectives remained pinned down for approximately 30 minutes. With safe planning and great decision making, they were able to move the involved subjects who were out front to a safe area.  The detectives to include Sergeant Spriggs devised a plan to move and cover to a safer area.  

As the barrage of gunfire from suspect continued, SWAT teams were called in to assist the detectives.  As negotiations were unfolding, the suspect continued to fire rounds at law enforcement and ultimately took his own life.  Once the scene was secured, it was found he fired more than 50 rounds at the law enforcement officers on scene from several different areas in the residence.  

Sergeant Spriggs, during this dangerous search warrant, performed above and beyond the normal demands of duty.  The detectives used incredible judgement, calmness under heavy duress, exceptional tactics, and outstanding teamwork to bring this situation to a safe ending for all innocent subjects and all the law enforcement personnel who were involved.

Community Policing Ribbon: Tim Taylor

The Community Policing Ribbon is awarded to Department personnel who have solved a significant community problem,Community Policing Tim Taylor web including the community in the problem-solving process, and/or shown a commitment to the Department’s community policing philosophy.

Crime Prevention Officer Tim Taylor is recognized within Prescott Valley Police Department and the Town for his exceptional community service.  He consistently goes above and beyond to help others and resolve community problems.  

CPO Taylor is described by his supervisor as intelligent, knowledgeable, and a leader who consistently produces quality work within the Crime Prevention Unit.  He took on the challenge of creating and promoting the Virtual Block Watch program which has flourished due to his efforts.  He revamped the student internship program by making it meaningful and productive for both the student and the department.  

CPO Taylor received four letters of commendation for his planning and work on various community events, including Coffees with a Cop, New Year’s Eve Cocoa & Fireworks, Citizens Academy, Cops & Kids, Fraud Prevention classes, and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design community surveys.  

Police Chief Commendation: Cameron Kinsey

The Police Chief commendation may be awarded upon employee or an organizational section/unit which perform outstanding service or valor similar to, but to a lesser degree than required for either the Medal of Valor, Police Star, or Lifesaving Medal.

On November 25, 2020, Officer Cameron Kinsey responded to a structure fire with multiple juveniles on scene.  Officer Kinsey arrived on scene and located four children ages 15, 14, 3, and approximately two years of age.  Due to the chief commendation webtraumatic incident, the children were unable to respond to Officer Kinsey’s inquiries about other people possibly being trapped within the home.  

Officer Kinsey then courageously entered the smoke-filled home to check for other people inside.  He did not locate any other people inside, but encountered a fire that had spread to an entire wall of a bedroom in the structure.  He did not have a fire extinguisher, but Officer Kinsey attempted to extinguish the flames using a trash bin and water from a nearby bathtub in attempts to save the home from going up in flames.  Due to his heroic efforts, the flames were extinguished, and the family’s home was saved from further destruction on the day before Thanksgiving.

Lifesaving Awards

In addition to the annual awards, 15 officers were recognized for their lifesaving actions, some in multiple incidents, during the year. These included Officers Brian Behne, Randy Busby, Danny Eller, Wes Dykeman, Justin Ellison, Branden Kelly, Sgt. Nancy Roberts, Cameron Kinsey, Kenny Sease, Gabe Maldonado, Omar Hernandez, Megan Haas, Garrett Rozendaal, Brian Sheldon, and Rocky Hernandez.

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