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Posted on: March 9, 2020

Prescott Valley Police Department awards top officers, personnel during annual banquet

officer of year branden kelly_1500px

Officer of the Year (Police Meritorious Service Ribbon) – Officer Branden Kelly

The Police Meritorious Service Ribbon is designed for the recognition of a sworn officer and is awarded for sustained long term, noteworthy achievement through the calendar year.

Officer Branden Kelly never complains about any task that is asked of him. He is always early to work and driven to work hard at all times. He has started mentoring newer officers on drug detection and investigation, resulting in other officers coming to him when they need to locate a suspect or person of interest.  Sergeant Nancy Roberts stated “Branden comes to work with a good attitude and is a pleasure to work with and supervise.”  Kelly is extremely proactive and finds any way he can to stay busy, with a passion for getting drugs off of the streets.  Because of this, he has built quite a name for himself on the streets when it comes to suspect apprehension. Even criminals who know when Kelly comes on shift have made comments about having to go hide or leave because he is on duty.

In 2019, Officer Kelly made 129 arrests (35 drug arrests), more than 350 traffic contacts, successfully completed four community problem-solving projects of his own and assisted other officers with their projects, completed six briefing room trainings, and attended more than 30 community events.

Rookie of the Year – Garrett Rozendaalrookie of year garrett_1500px

The Rookie of the Year award is designed for the recognition of a probationary officer.  The award is for sustained, long term effort and noteworthy achievement during the officer’s field training and subsequent service. 

Garrett Rozendaal has been a solid officer in his first year on patrol. He is an avid and accomplished marksman, often training and competing outside of work.  He has recently been appointed as a probationary member of the SWAT team. Officer Rozendaal shows a positive attitude and has a collaborative demeanor. 

In 2019 he made 41 arrests, wrote 168 reports, and made 301 traffic contacts. 

Supervisor of the Year – Anabel Solano

supervisor of year anabel_1500pxThe Supervisor of the Year Award is designed for Department sworn or civilian supervisor/sergeant rank who distinguished him or herself by performing exceptional service to the Department throughout the year.

Anabel Solano was promoted to records supervisor in 2019 and was nominated by her team as well as several others within the department.  They describe her as a fantastic supervisor, a good communicator, a caring person, a great leader, a great person, happy, helpful, energetic, passionate, welcoming, comforting, and capable of changing the mood in a room for the positive.

Patrol voiced their appreciation for Solano improving coordination between records and the officers, said she provides clear instructions, and has done a great job helping in the transition to tri-tech records management. Appreciation also was expressed for her dedication to ensuring that employees are properly trained and equipped to complete their job duties.  She spends time learning those duties herself in detail so she can help others to overcome obstacles.  Her open door policy encourages communication and she has been able to take many difficult situations in stride. 

Solano has worked hard to ensure the department met state standards this year.  She and her team worked tirelessly to read and hand count hundreds of reports to ensure that PVPD submitted crime statistics on time and accurately. 

The records department has many different operating systems, and Solano verifies all records techs have been properly trained.  She makes sure that officers have access to the operating systems to complete their jobs properly. 

Solano is not above helping people who come to the lobby window needing assistance, whether it’s helping someone with a records request, a citizen needing to dispose of prescription medicine, or translating for a Spanish speaking individual.   She has dedicated herself to service and it shows.

One records tech said of Solano, “She is a great leader and can multi task like nobody’s business, I love working for her!”

Civilian of the Year – Amy Stonecivilian of year amy_1500px

The Civilian of the Year award is designed for a civilian employee who distinguishes him or herself by performing dedicated service to the Department throughout the year.

Amy Stone started at the Town on January 25, 2016, and then transferred to the Police Department on April 30, 2018, promoting to an administrative role. She was eager to learn and quickly became the key person for payroll.  She welcomes projects and works closely with new vehicle builds - working through acquiring police vehicles from different states and getting them street ready. She had to quickly learn to roll with the changes that occur every day.  She helps the Traffic Unit with the tablets and recently is working on training staff with a new keyboard in the Briefing Room. She assists with the Department’s bike rodeo, volunteers for the annual Employee Gala and helps out with the Town’s volunteer banquet. 

Unit of the Year – Criminal Investigations Division (CID)unit of year_1500px

A Section Unit Citation for outstanding performance may be conferred upon an organizational section or unit of the Department.  The commendatory accomplishment must be the result of a combined effort by members of the section/unit.

The Prescott Valley Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of the five detectives of the Criminal Investigations Section led by Sergeant Tom Grant, and the Special Victims Unit, (including the Victims of Crime Act or VOCA team, the Sexual Assault Response Team “SART,” and the School Resource Officer), led by Sergeant Jason Kaufman.  Also included in the division is Partners Against Narcotic Trafficking - Sergeant Jeremy Martin. A group of volunteers also works countless hours to help the Criminal Investigations Division accomplish its mission. 

In 2019, SVU victim services specialists provided resources, support, and encouragement to nearly 2000 crime victims. They were leaders in coordinating victim awareness events such as “Take Back the Night,” “Start by Believing,” and “No More,” and the Pinwheel Party for child safety awareness.  Members planned and hosted monthly Yavapai County Coordinated Community Response Team meetings which were attended by dozens of area victim service agencies from throughout northern Arizona.

Division members participated on community panels, symposiums, expos, and forums to raise public awareness of fentanyl and overdose fatalities, child abuse, domestic violence, elderly abuse, safe dating, internet safety, and sexual assault.

Members instructed Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy recruits about domestic violence, sexual assault, drug investigation, constitution, and legal issues.

The Criminal Investigation Section’s detectives remained on the cutting edge of modern investigative techniques and technology at a level unprecedented for an agency of Prescott Valley’s size.  Forensic computer examiner, Detective Phil Munchinsky, downloaded 360 devices in 2019 resulting in the successful prosecution of felony crimes ranging from child sexual exploitation to drug trafficking, fraud, and financial crimes.  

Detectives became certified Homeland Security Task Force members and collaborated with FBI, ATF, U.S Marshalls, DPS, PANT, and other area law enforcement partners to arrest felony drug offenders and child sexual predators throughout northern Arizona.  Detectives also trained and became certified Arizona Child Abduction Response Team members. 

Detectives received advanced interview and deception analysis training to enhance their investigative skills.  They conducted 168 death investigations, reviewed 2,000 cases, closed 683 cases, made more than 100 arrests, executed more than 400 search warrants, subpoenas, and writs, and documented their work with more than 2,300 reports.

Community Policing Ribbon – Community Service Officer Jodi Mullinscommunity policing_1500px

The Community Policing Ribbon is awarded to department personnel who have solved a significant community problem including the community in the problem solving process, and/or shown a commitment to the department’s community policing philosophy. 

Jodi Mullins started part-time for the Prescott Valley Police Department in September, 2018 and was upgraded to full-time in April 2019.  Mullins has done exceptional work in her Community Service Officer position. 

Mullins is a team player and is always willing to help her co-workers.  In 2019, she hosted and assisted with many events for the Department, including Police Youth and Citizen’s Academies, and the New Year’s Eve event. Her biggest accomplishment this past year was producing a pedestrian safety program, taking the initiative to make sure students who waited in the dark for their school buses had lights with them so other vehicles could see them.  She ordered several hundred lights and distributed them to the schools. 

Mullins also has taken the initiative to help organize the Department’s education materials so they are up-to-date and relevant.  She assists with lobby traffic, and facilitates Cops and Kids events, ensuring that activity booklets and other materials are available for officers to share with the children. CSO Mullins is friendly and successful, and promotes the police department as a positive part of the community. 

Volunteer of the Year  - VIP Chris Edelbrockvol of year chris edelbrock_1500px

The Volunteer of the Year Award is designed for a department volunteer who distinguishes him or herself by performing exceptional service to the department throughout the year. 

Chris Edelbrock has truly taken charge when lead volunteer Dave Kyburz is unavailable. He takes the initiative to ask for tasks that need completion, such as vehicle needs, shredding, shopping, and more. Edelbrock makes an effort to greet people with a smile and to say hello to everyone working in or visiting the Department.  His demeanor is always positive and cordial.  He often supports the Records Department as well as the rest of the agency, especially helping with the 3511 (vehicle impoundment) hearings, and tow company inquiries. Edelbrock always provides excellent service to get the job done correctly within policies and state law.

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