Automobile Theft

Vehicle theft is a major problem in Arizona. Because of our unfavorable theft rate, the Arizona State Legislature voted to create the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) in 1992.

AATA Intention

The AATA was developed to implement vehicle theft prevention programs. These programs are designed to increase public awareness of the problem and to educate the public on protecting their vehicles. The programs also help in the investigation and prosecution aspects of auto theft.

Vehicle Identification

A major component of the Prescott Valley Police Department's effort to combat auto theft is a free service that permanently etches your vehicle identification number (VIN) onto all your vehicle's windows. This small, yet clearly visible marker is a proven deterrent to auto thieves.

Watch Your Car

Prescott Valley residents are also urged to join the Watch Your Car program to help reduce auto theft. A police officer then may pull over the vehicle, that is enrolled in the Watch Your Car program complete with sticker logo, between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m. to determine ownership of the vehicle. These are the hours that most vehicles are reported stolen.

Program Sign Up

Applications for the Watch Your Car program are available in the lobby of the Prescott Valley Police Department or online. The PVPD also offers free VIN etching by appointment and at special events.