Watch Your Car Program

The Watch Your Car Program

The Watch Your Car decal program is a voluntary program whereby vehicle owners enroll their vehicles with the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA). The vehicle is then entered into a special database, developed and maintained by the AATA, which is directly linked to the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Participants then display the Watch Your Car decals in the front and rear windows of their vehicle. By displaying the decals, vehicle owners convey to law enforcement officials that their vehicle is not usually in use between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m., when the majority of thefts occur.

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Police Authority

If a police officer witnesses the vehicle in operation between these hours, they have the authority to pull it over and question the driver. With access to the MVD database, the officer will be able to determine if the vehicle has been stolen, or not. The program also allows law enforcement officials to notify the vehicle's owner immediately upon determination that it is being illegally operated.

Enrollment in the Watch Your Car Program

Enrolling in the Watch Your Car program is free and easy! Simply fill out the enrollment form on the AATA website below. The AATA will enroll the vehicle and mail the decals to the registered owner.

Applications for the Watch Your Car program are available in the lobby of the Prescott Valley Police Department or online. The also offers free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etching by appointment and at special events. For further information regarding the Watch Your Car Program please contact our Crime Prevention Unit.

Where to place your Watch Your Car Decals

The Watch Your Car decals are made of heavy-duty reflective material that is easily seen at night and difficult to remove. The decals are to be placed on the outside of the vehicle as follows:


The front windshield decal is placed on the lower front window of the driver's side. This decal contains all legal information and notification that it is a federal offense to remove the decal without the owner's permission.

Rear Window

The rear window decal is placed on the vehicle's rear window, on the driver's side. This decal serves as a beacon to law enforcement officials that the vehicle is enrolled in the Watch Your Car program.

Protect Your Vehicle from Being Taken Across the Border

Many Arizona residents are concerned about the possibility of their vehicle being stolen and taken to Mexico or shipped illegally overseas from a U.S. port. By enrolling in the Watch Your Car program, vehicle owners authorize law enforcement officials to stop their vehicle at any time during the day or night within one mile of the border if there is a suspicion that the vehicle is being illegally operated. The Watch Your Car decal alerts border inspectors and law enforcement personnel who watch oncoming traffic at border crossings and ports.

More Information

View the Arizona Watch Your Car website for more information.

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