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Grant Application - Exterior Enhancement Grant

  1. Are you leasing your business location? If yes, a completed Landlord Consent Form must be attached or submitted online by your landlord.*
  2. Is your business privately held?*
  3. Are you and your business in good legal standing with no court-ordered financial obligations (e.g., no enforceable judgments, liens, bankruptcies, arbitration settlements requiring withholding of funds, felony convictions, violation of court orders requiring holding of funds for child support, court costs or criminal victim reimbursement programs)?*
  4. Is your business active and operational at the time of this application submission?*
  5. Are you and your business operating in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws with no open code violations within the Town of Prescott Valley?*
  6. Will you comply with all applicable Town, County, and State laws, including zoning and permitting regulations during the administration of this grant?*
  7. Will you permit site visits of the project at any time during the project and/or within 60 days following the submission of the final grant reimbursement?*
  8. Will you retain relevant records documenting the expenditure of awarded funds for a period of 6 years and produce documents at the request of the Town of Prescott Valley? *
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