Licensing Your Pet

How to license your pet: Dogs are the only pets requiring licenses in the Town of Prescott Valley. A current rabies vaccine is needed to license your dog, and only a licensed veterinarian can administer the vaccine.

When your pet has been vaccinated against rabies, ask the veterinarian for a copy of the pet's Rabies Vaccine Certificate. You will need this document to obtain the dog’s license.

Facilities Selling Prescott Valley Licenses

Please note that some clinics will only sell licenses to existing clients.


For a Spayed or Neutered Animal

License Duration
If Late
1 Year License $10 $10
2 Year License $16 $10
3 Year License $22 $10

For a Non-Altered Animal

License Duration
If Late
1 Year License
$36 $10
2 Year License
$56 $10
3 Year License
$76 $10

Vaccination Durations

If this is your dog’s 1st vaccination, the vaccination expires 1 year after the date of administration. Subsequent vaccinations are valid for 3 years from the date of administration provided the date of expiration has not passed. Your license year can only reflect the vaccination expiration.

Ordinance Reminder of the Quarter

Section 6-03-010 Licensing Required, Penalty for Not Obtaining Licensing: All dogs 3 months of age or older housed within the Town for at least 30 consecutive days shall be licensed in accordance with this article. Said licenses shall expire within 1, 2 or 3 years from date of purchase, depending on the license duration purchased and the expiration of rabies vaccinations.

Owner’s who fail to obtain a license as required within the time period specified in this section shall be guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor; however, prosecution of this offense may be waived or dismissed if the violator obtains the necessary license. Such waiver or dismissal of prosecution may only be allowed if the owner fulfills dog licensing requirements of the Town Code and pays applicable increased license fee set forth in Section 6-01-090 of this Chapter.

More Information

For more information on your pet and shelter, please contact Prescott Valley Animal Control at 928-772-5190.